Talking about stepping stones……


We’ve all been there.

Procrastinating so much we stop ourselves doing what we really want to do.

It’s easier to stay in our comfort zone than push ourselves forward.

Our minds are naturally built to over amplify risk. When we recognise this, there are techniques we can use to re-train our minds to be the awesome, positive powerhouses they can be.

I was reminded of this today catching up with Chyna who just a few months ago was on Growing Talent terrified of stepping into the, for her, unknown world of of Corporate Security with Lasse Thiemer BA (Hons), CPP and the team at Pilgrims Risk Management Group

What a transformation in just a few short months!

Chyna shared with me she went for an internal promotion last week after encouragement from her team.

What was most powerful, for me, was hearing Chyna say even if she doesn’t get it, it will be new knowledge and experience that will take her forward. It won’t knock her confidence at all.

Many people from Abraham Lincoln, Henry Ford, Arianna Huffington, Michael Jordan and many more have all said, in one form or another ‘Failure is a stepping stone to success’ Indeed, I say it on pretty much every Growing Talent programme I run!

So why do some humans beat themselves up when things don’t go to plan? I believe it’s because minds have not been taught how to shut down procrastination.

How many prototypes did Henry Ford come up with before launching the successful Model T Ford car in 1908? Each prototype gave new knowledge on how to do it better – literally a ‘stepping stone to success’!

Be fearless like Chyna. If there is something you want to go for, don’t let your mind procrastinate. If it doesn’t work out – you will learn how to do it better next time.

Go Chyna!