Thoughts from Fru about Growing Talent… Why don’t you get involved?


“I have the pleasure getting into this program and working with Jane at Growing Talent.

Since the whole job market has changed after Covid, many people struggle with finding themselves or finding their confidence for looking for a job. Growing Talents gives this confidence back to people, who are talented, keen and willing to work but maybe they are just not visible enough to employers.

Instead of going through the same old recruitment process of sending CVs, trying to stand out from thousands of resumes, catching employers’ attention in 6 seconds (which often feels like a battle), at Growing Talent your resume is your personality, your charisma, energy and you have the opportunity to show & talk about yourself the way you want the employers to know about you.

Great companies give you their time and attention in a fun event that can actually lead to your next amazing role. And the best thing is that Jane guides you through the whole process, making sure that you are prepared and perform at your best.

This is such a unique experience that could benefit more companies and candidates – l wish more organisations would operate this way! Thanks to Growing Talent, many of us had the chance to step into a pool of great opportunities.”

Fru, working with Wing during Growing Talent’s Orientation and Holistic week. Wing joins Pilgrims Group and Fru SPS.

Growing Talent works because of the 360 collaboration involved between employers, talented unemployed individuals, Job Centre Plus and Growing Talent.

A big thank you to all involved in the current Growing Talent:

SPS Global, Pilgrims Group, ISS, Office Concierge, Portico, Breyer Group, Honeywell and Pertemps

And of course a massive thank you to everyone involved over the past nine years – together we have changed lives as Fru says!