‘Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye’………


No, not a Vera Lynn classic for you WW2 buffs, but a sentiment for Michael, Selwyn, Daoud & Josh now leaving Growing Talent becoming employees of Harrow Green from Monday 23 March.  Employed a month early – what an achievement!


It’s been a rollacoaster ride since that fast and furious selection process at the beginning – just a few short weeks ago.


Early mornings, late nights – no, not partying but working all the shifts Harrow Green do in their business.


Max and the guys

 l-r, Michael, Max, Daoud, Selwyn & Joshua


They can now wrap anything quickly and securely from a champagne flute to a reception settee.  They can get awkward shapes into awkward places – and all with a smile!  Their tenacity showed through many tough times including a site visit to learn IT which took one of the guys 3 hours each way!


The guys have learnt quickly from their great trainers at Harrow Green – including Trev, the Legend!  Helped and encouraged by the entire team including Sam, James and Matt from previous Growing Talent programmes.


All will continue to receive training into multi-skilled operators, or HGV drivers or IT specialists.  The opportunities are endless!


The journey is just beginning so no need to wish the guys luck……………… they don’t need it!