A Legend Leaves Social Media Today – words can cut deep….


Caught this video today of Jonny Benjamin. For me, and many others, he’s been an absolute legend in sharing his experience of mental ill health since the film Finding Mike – based on the night Neil Laybourn found Jonny in a really dark place.

From giving talks, holding Q&As making multiple videos, Jonny’s always been driven by supporting others.

Jonny’s insight made me a better instructor in this field, a better volunteer with Give Us a Shout, a better mentor to those on Growing Talent experiencing anxiety and other mental ill health issues.

Now after 10 years, he’s decided to step away from social media and focus on his own wellbeing and life outside advocating for mental ill health.

What better day to do so than on his birthday? Many of us take birthdays for granted. For others like Jonny it’s a huge milestone. They made it to another year.

I firmly believe every business and every person would be enhanced with the empathy Jonny has. The pain he’s felt from negative comments online have clearly taken their toll.

Are you and the people in your business aware of how you/they may be impacting others?