What do you think?


Now this might see an odd post for this platform, but stay with me. I’m not just talking bins!

I’ve just dropped someone at our local station and was amazed at the amount of people in all types of housing locally – affluent and affordable – who put their bins, paper recycling and food waste out ready for collection last night.

They did this knowing there were powerful storm winds around and, in our area, collections don’t start until late morning.

Result of this behaviour, drivers had to dodge various bins and debris across the road.

An accident will likely happen as drivers try to avoid these hazards. In addition – who is going to pick-up the litter/food waste that’s blown around?

It got me thinking if this was general thoughtlessness or just don’t care attitude.

What’s the result when these behaviours reach the workplace?

Acting without thinking of the potential consequences can impact others negatively leading to friction/conflict.

If it’s a ‘just don’t care attitude’ how would you feel if others mirrored your behaviour to you?

What do you think?

Are we becoming more thoughtless or just don’t care?