Activities – good for the soul and team building….


For some of us motivating ourselves to get active or try a new activity is like swimming in quicksand. It’s just as difficult for employers to consider team building activities with the restrictions of lockdown.

However, we all know how empowering it is for our mental health and therefore our physical health not to mention workplace wellbeing to stay active and keep trying new things.

Everyone has got more creative with virtual bake offs, quizzes and various classes in art, music, languages, exercise, bricklaying, tiling etc. There has been something for everyone to get involved with. Whilst it still seems a long way off, restrictions will lift as the vaccines for Coronavirus/Covid-19 are rolled out. With an eye on this point, what can individuals and businesses look at to introduce new and fresh activities to empower minds and make us all more productive?

Activity organisations offering diverse activities for individuals and employers are already advertising for 2021 and beyond. Some of these include:

Learning to Sail. There are many organisations operating throughout the UK and in warmer climates if budget permits! There are day lessons for complete beginners, refresher courses, residential, skipper courses – endless opportunities. 

Like something a little less, well wet? why not take a look at ballroom dance classes? The laughs will ring out as you learn together. Individual, or group lessons, courses or one offs, residential or on-line, any level.

Whilst our seas aren’t as clear blue as that in the photo below, the UK has a lot of diving schools nationwide offering various courses upto PADI qualification enabling diving in warming waters once confident. I personally don’t like anything over my face so this wouldn’t;t be one I would try. But I know many who have and absolutely love it.

Break bread! Artisan bread has long been popular. Many have taken up making their own during lockdown experimenting with different flavour combination. This has been evidence by the initial scarcity of yeast and bread flour in the shops! What a fun way for a group activity. I can just seem MDs and frontline staff having a bakeoff challenge on a team building day or as part of a residential exercise. Breaking down barriers.

Maybe knitting a bike is a little ambitious for newbies – but something to aim for? Coupling a knitting class with the traditional home of wool as part of a residential stay in the Shetlands is revitalising and mind clearing. Time to get the needles out? Want to get some basics first? Check out online classes.

No one is born knowing how to play a musical instrument. Granted there are a few prodigies – Beethoven for one. Music brings so many joy. It’s a distraction from everyday worries and anyone can learn. Practice and repetition is key. There’s a huge range of instruments and classes – online, individual, private, group, set courses, residential programmes. Why not try learning the fiddle in Dublin? The opportunities are endless.

Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and you cry alone’. We also know that frowning causes more wrinkles! But, what about a comedy writing course? So many options including residential and online. Check out Logan Murray’s menu of options – just one of many online

Arts & Crafts courses are a great option incorporating several different mediums to discover new activities to continue. As with all of the above, there are a variety of ways to take part – online, residential, group, individual.

‘Where am I?’  A fun one for group activities with the family or work could be a navigation challenge in the countryside as part of a residential break or day long activity.

The opportunities are endless. We can compose a ‘pic ‘n’ mix’ of options to make a unique, interesting family holiday, single person break or employer team building event. The only constraint is ourselves.

Whilst we are still in ‘lockdown’ why not research, investigate and plan some options? Feeding our minds with positivity will get us thought this time which is out of our control. Nothing lasts forever. Logic tells us lockdown will end soon. What better way to celebrate that with a new adventure alone, with family/friends or your work colleagues?