An audience with….. some amazing Growing Talent Associates!


This is the fourth week of Growing Talent and the third week in their operational role for the Growing Talent Associates.


Word was that all was well.  Was the word reality?  Only one way to find out!  A whistle stop tour of the sites to meet the Associates and their managers.


First stop was to see Julie based with Portico’s team at Fenchurch Street.  A large corporate building with public access.  A hectic site in the heart of London.




Looking every inch the professional in her Navy & Claret uniform, Julie’s smile beamed out from the reception desk as I arrived.  Supported by the team on site, Julie is learning the operations and processes for this multi-tenanted building.  ‘I’m still smiling’ said Julie even though the days are exhausting, she’s strangely energised!


My next visit was to see Sadeeq who is working with MitieTDM’s team at PwC More London.  It was great to see Sadeeq stroll across the atrium as though he’d worked there years instead of weeks!  So, how is he really getting on?


Phil and Sadeeq

(l-r Phil & Sadeeq)


‘Great’ – Phil is Sadeeq’s manager and explained it’s not always easy to learn the job, get used to the shift system and fit in with the clients and team – but Sadeeq has managed it well.  Sadeeq is enjoying being back at work and helping people.  He still maintains his coaching and support activities for vulnerable people outside work.  Coupled with  seeing his family and friends – Sadeeq is busier than ever and doing very well!


Next stop was Portico’s team at More London to see Jamie, Dan & Krupita.  Dan had to travel across from Embankment Place where he is usually based and joined us later with Jac his training mentor – herself a Growing Talent Graduate!



(Jamie & Krupita)


Jamie showed me his own instruction manual he’s made to help him remember everything – highlights and tabs – very impressive with inspirational messages on the cover.  He’s ‘loving it’!  Bruno is his training mentor and encourages Jamie well.  Krupita has only been with her team a few days following a move from a sister team at Embankment Palace where she met the infamous Jordan – Graduate from Growing Talent 2.

We were then joined by Michelle one of the Portico Managers who had been through all the selection processes with the guys.  She explained all was going well.  Poor Michal and Ewelina came over to collect Michelle for a meeting and got sucked into a photo!  Good job Portico team members are all good sports and so supportive of Growing Talent!


Portico team

(l-r Ewelina, Michal, Jamie, Michelle & Krupita)

A very wet Jac and Dan then arrived.   Mini catch-up for Dan, Jamie & Krupita.  Jac said Dan was doing really well and she was still enjoying her role too – especially being a mentor to Jamie.  The circle keeps turning!


A final photo before we all went back to work!


all four