Emma – What a Role Model!


On her way to Harrow Green day 1 of the operational section of Growing Talent yesterday, Emma fell and hurt her ankle.  She struggled on throughout the day despite her ankle swelling.  When she got home, she thought it should be checked and spent a large part of last night at A&E.


Leaving with a set of crutches and the knowledge that her ankle was just badly sprained, Emma called Sharon and Trev at Harrow Green to tell them what had happened.  They immediately put in place a driver to collect Emma from her home this morning to take her to and from work so she didn’t miss any of the training.


Typical of Emma, she sent this message this morning ‘Feeling a lot better this morning, still painful but at least I can put my foot down now.
Could probably make it in on the train …….’


When you aren’t used to being offered support,  it can be difficult to accept it.  Luckily, Emma is now working with Harrow Green – a responsible, supportive employer.


A lot of people in Emma’s position would have gone sick.  Her tenacity and work ethic showcases her as a strong role model for others.  Harrow Green’s response is also an example of how employers of integrity should behave.


It’s a pleasure working with both!