For employers – How does Growing Talent differ from traditional recruitment?


We firmly believe everyone has talent. With that in mind, we devised Growing Talent to enable the person to be seen for who they really are. This is virtually impossible in the traditional recruitment toolkit of cv and interview.

How does someone with little paid employment experience showcase the awesome, adaptable talent they have gained from other areas of their life outside of employment in a cv and formal job interview?

Coupled with their likely imposter syndrome, it’s virtually impossible for them to ‘shine’ in a cv let alone an interview.

How do you answer “what’s your strength/weakness”? or “where do you see yourself in five years” when your focus is on surviving day to day in the life you have, not realising your ingenuity, adaptability, sheer determination to get through are all key skills any employer wants in their business.

How much talent do employers miss because their recruitment toolkit stops people being able to shine?

Growing Talent does things differently as you can see from the feature below. That’s why we have successfully nurtured over 180 people from all social economic backgrounds into permanent jobs which they have grown into fabulous careers.

Our collaboration with career seekers, employers, JobCentre Plus and charities ensure a smooth journey for all. A journey that no one travels alone.

With our April programme around the corner – if you are looking to add talent to your business in London – why not do things differently yourself and add Growing Talent to your recruitment menu?