From little seeds…..


“Blooming seeds” – what has this got to do with LinkedIn? A lot, in my view!

Picture this, decades ago, in some cases hundreds of years, people planted seeds in the knowledge they would never see them grow to become the great oaks etc they had the potential to be giving mind health, joy and shade to others. They planted and nurtured those seeds anyway.

Isn’t that what emotionally intelligent leaders, managers and workplaces do? Nurture teams so they can grow to realise their full potential – even if they won’t be around to see it?

Watching those we’ve worked with, mentored, and empowered continue to fly in their new career chapters has got to be the greatest gift to any leader, manager, mentor and workplace. Isn’t it?

I was reminded of ‘blooming seeds’ and the synergy with staff by the awesome #PaulMasterfix GB Limited sharing news that Shari is leaving the team to confidently resume her acting career at the end of July.

What an awesome journey lies ahead for Shari.

A big thank you to all of the team Masterfix GB Limited for collaborating with Growing Talent over the years and the empowerment they delivered to Shari & Ella.