Do things a little differently…..


Standard tools are used in recruitment by both employers and those seeking a role.

Let’s take a closer look at what these are and their effectiveness……

CVs– The crux of traditional requirement. It’s meant to convey ‘you’. But does it? Probably not if you have one or more of ‘life’s labels’. What does this mean?

Everyone carries labels in life. Some we covert – employed, homeowner, holiday maker, business owner etc but some we don’t – unemployed, single parent, homeless etc.

Negative labels weigh heavy. Overtime, we can start believing these negative labels as facts about us.

With confidence ebbed away over time, it’s hard to see the positive skills we have gained through those negative labels – tenacity, innovation, proactive, ‘what if’ planning, event management and so many more! These are skills employers want but with the weight of those negative labels, these can be invisible.

So what would someone put on their cv who hadn’t worked in 10 years but brought a family up and ran a home? None of those positive skills I bet!

Getting a response to a cv submission is the next hurdle. How long do you leave it before calling to ask for a status? Usually there is a wall of silence from employers/recruiters with zero feedback because they haven’t seen anything they want.

Recruitment interview – ‘what’s you greatest strength and weakness’ – who knows how to answer this if they have some of those negative labels?

So, using these two stalwarts of traditional recruitment isn’t going to benefit those with negative labels nor employers who miss out on their awesome. hidden talent.

Growing Talent from the get go nine years ago, disrupted the norm. CVs and formal recruitment interviews are banned. Instead we have Employer Speed Dating – our first stage selection where employers meet every applicant in person to see if that hidden talent is there. This is followed by a 1-2-1 conversation where the role is based. This ensures clear knowledge of the role, location, environment before deciding whether or not to accept any opportunity offered.

Next stage is a a week long pre-onboarding programme we call Orientation and Holistic week where we collaborate on communication, conflict management, basic personal finance and nutrition on a budget as well as a global course on mental health and wellbeing – which carries 3CPD points and is aligned with ISO45003 – international standards on workplace psychological safety.

Now empowered, four weeks paid in role mutual evaluation takes place where all aspect of the role and future development are understood.

This enables both parties to be confident the match is right for them.

No cv nor formal recruitment interview in sight!

Over nine years of running Growing Talent t’s clear this disruptive formula works!

With the 34th programme starting soon – get in touch if you want to know more!