Helen Keller nailed it…..


We make connections that sometimes grow into friends that sometimes last a lifetime. This friendship journey starts with an unknown destination in sight.

How often in our working life do me make connections that we don’t continue to nurture when we, or they, move to a new company?

So often I see some people climb the corporate ladder by connecting with people and then discarding them when their perceived usefulness has diminished. But here’s the thing, there will be a time when people have reached their ‘top’ and have to descend that ladder. Those connections they discarded could be really helpful. Would they want to be?

Simon Sinek has many excellent films on YouTube. One, stands out on this subject – Leadership – We Only Deserve a Styrofoam Cup .

Nurturing our connections through life will deliver dear friends, compassionate and supportive career guides – throughout our career journey to the top and back down again – and so much more.

We really do reap what we sow.

Today, I am meeting up with a dear friend. Our connection started when Rehana joined Growing Talent many years ago. Watching her confidence and empowerment grow year on year, overcome every obstacle with grace, compassion and determination has been an honour. Now an entrepreneur with a unique, bespoke gift business and starting her dream career as a qualified Counsellor Rehana will make a life changing difference to the people she works with.

Connections. Nurture them.