Is now the time?


Employers are starting to get their businesses in position for the opening up of UK and Global plc. For some, trade has continued and flourished throughout the global pandemic. For others, they’ve been in a void of fear, holding their breath as they try to get through this period.

One thing both camps now have in common is preparing for the next stage and making sure their workplaces are robust, resilient and able to rise to the challenges that lay ahead.

Some businesses are embracing changes becoming flexible, agile with a mixture of remote and office based working. Others will go completely remote based.

One thing they will all have to consider is how do they make their workplaces and teams psychosocially healthy and robust?

ISO are launching a new international standard to address psychological and mental health in the workplace. Global agreement has been reached to name these interchangeable terms ‘psychosocial’. Psychosocial risk awareness, management and mitigation should have a central focus for all businesses that want to flourish especially where they already have ISO45001 certification.

Growing Talent delivers many aspects of ISO45003 to their participants meaning employers recruiting through the programme already have an advantage with new talent aware of the importance of psychosocial risks/hazards to themselves, others and the workplace.

See some of the key highlights below:

If you are looking to recruit new talent into your business, why not use Growing Talent and get ahead of ISO45003?