Welcome Graham!


Amazing news recently…..

In early March 2020, the 26th programme of Growing Talent had started. Applicants had been selected by employers for provisional permanent roles with them. We were on day two of the orientation week – the empowering and confidence building week prior to going on the employer’s site – when the #locksdown struck in response to Covid.

Everything froze immediately. We left the venue in central London fully expecting to return within weeks. No one expected it to continue for well over a year!

The devastation and disappointment that hit everyone after their tenacity to apply for a place on Growing Talent and then go through the intense selection process only to be abruptly called to a halt, completely beyond anyone’s control, was thick in the air – you could almost touch it. Graham was one of those on the programme.

He maintained contact with the employer who was clearly impressed but like a lot of employers, recruitment, plans for future growth and diversification were put on hold. Furlough came. Weeks turned into months. Months have now turned into a year plus.

With the arrival of the vaccines and more knowledge about Covid and its variants, seeds of growth are starting to spring up. Employers are moving to a new normal. Some will return fully to their physical workplaces. Others will embrace a hybrid – mixing virtual and office based operations and some will go fully virtual based.

Technology has shown businesses they can continue even when ‘locked out’ of their usual places of operations.

Graham’s interested employer back in March 2020 reached out recently to see if Graham was interested in the same role with some diversification into supporting multiple new departments and based the majority of the time from home instead of the office. Which he is! He joins them shortly.

What a journey. For Graham, and many others, riding the rollercoaster of emotions since Covid arrived and threw all plans into disarray.

Even the darkest moment is still a moment and will end.

Staying firm, focussed and positive will always deliver results.