Is opportunity knocking in Birmingham City Centre for you/your business?


Times are tough.

For employers, time is money.  Spending their time wisely can gain them financial added value in the future.

For the unemployed time spent looking for a job they can grow into a career, can weigh heavy on them.  The longer they are unemployed, the more invisible they can feel.

Growing Talent is coming to Birmingham City Centre in February.

What does that mean for employers and the unemployed?

Our 10 year track record of success, tells me the difference Growing Talent can make to the businesses and people of Birmingham can be mind blowing!

Let’s take a closer look at some key highlights:

Funded by private business.  We are not dependent on Government, local authority, JobCentre Plus nor charity funding.  Which means when those entities are under financial pressure, Growing Talent is not! In addition, we can collaborate without any organisation  we are working with feel they are at risk of  ‘ double funding’.

Disrupted traditional recruitment tools.  How can you showcase your skills, ability and future potential to an employer when your self-esteem is through the floor because you are unemployed? That is of course if your cv/application form gets you an interview. 

Equally, how much hidden talent are employers missing because they can’t see the hidden talent within? Either from a cv their sifting software has missed because key ‘buzz’ words were missing or because the person sitting in front of them was overwhelmed with imposter syndrome they could hardly speak?    Therefore, we’ve banned resumes and formal interviews.  Instead, we have speed dating and 1-2-1 chats.

Mentoring – How often do employers get a mentor for the journey their new recruit is with them? I don’t just mean the initial period of onboarding where a portion of any recruitment fee paid can be refunded. I mean for the months and years that employer wants to keep their mentor connection. At no cost of course.

Equally, how often does the unemployed applicant get a free mentor to guide and encourage them through the process of Growing Talent and beyond if they are selected for an opportunity by an employer? We have mentored people long after they have secured their role and developed their careers.

Unique collaboration – from day one, we have collaborated with diverse organisations giving their local communities access to opportunities they wouldn’t usually have gained in a traditional recruitment route.  Resources and expertise are shared so that no one feels alone. JobCentre Plus has been a steadfast collaborator of Growing Talent since day 1.

Higher retention – our robust orientation and holistic week ensures new talent already feel empowered and have a sense of belonging with their new employer before they step on site. This gives a solid foundation for the employer/employee relationship to grow. 

Confident, risk free – what’s not to like?  Our unique collaboration enables both employers and new talent to know the match is right for them before formal hiring.  There is no financial hardship for the new talent who retain their benefits, has their travel paid by JobCentre Plus, gains life and workplace skills as well as an accredited qualification in mind health in line with ISO45003 and is paid by the employer for the in-role mutual evaluation period of the ring-fenced permanent job on offer.

So, really, what is not to like?  Applicants are over 18 (no upper age limit), have right to work documents or Government issued share code in place and are able to undertake a permanent role.  

Participation is neither automatic nor mandatory,  But if the match is right, what magic can be made!


 Employers, register your interest by 15 February.

Unemployed applicants able to travel to Birmingham City Centre – register your interest by 21 February 2024.