Needing a spot of motivation today?


It’s likely many of us are. As the impact of Coronavirus continues, it’s natural to only see the negatives in our lives which in itself paralyses us from seeing how we can make changes.

The feature on Sky News this morning promoted a number of questions for me:

  1. Why has it taken so long for Noor’s courage and bravery to be recognised with a blue plaque on the last house she lived in?
  2. Why do we not know her name already?
  3. Why aren’t we learning lessons from Noor and others like her?

Noor Inayat Khan  was a young Muslim Sufi women who believed passionately in non-violence and religious harmony. On the death of her father, she went to work to help support her mother and siblings.

Without hesitation she became an undercover radio operator in France during WWII. Captured and tortured, she never gave any information and was ultimately executed in Dachau concentration camp.

Check out the story below and maybe watch the virtual blue plaque unveiling at 7pm tonight.