Over to Asher……


July 2017 saw Growing Talent‘s 14th programme commence. Taking part was Asher, a recent graduate in Media who knew he wanted to work, but wasn’t sure what in. 

Now doesn’t that sound familiar? I never knew what I wanted to do either – what about you?

Asher embraced the opportunity – which at the time was three months long and unpaid!

Asher completed Growing Talent securing his ring-fenced role – and he hasn’t stopped working since!

Today he returned to share his journey with Job Centre Plus managers looking to learn the potential benefits for their customers on the imminent 34th programme!

It was great to hear if Asher was still in the same place, he would do Growing Talent without hesitation – especially now the mutual employer evaluation period is just four weeks and paid, as well as retaining benefits and getting travel paid! 

Not forgetting the robust onboarding week includes a qualification in proactive mental health, first responder techniques, 3CPD points and is aligned with iso45003 – international workplace psychological safety standards.

Thanks Asher SPS#awesome

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Thanks to David Steeds and Rob Matthews for their cheerleading magic behind the scenes