Photoshoot ……………. Behind the scenes!


Growing Talent has an advertorial full page feature booked to appear in the Evening Standard on 10 June.  To really tell the story from all sides we needed some photos.  Enter Alex!  Day job is something very technical within print management.  Luckily, he has a passion for film and photography.  Luckier still, he generously gives his time to support Growing Talent.  Now we had our photograher………..


Alex in action

Alex in Action!


Rosie, day job print manager, is also Growing Talent’s media guru!  As you can see in the photo above, she’s also a stand in model receptionist alongside Csilla who took all the disruption in her stride!


Harrow Green’s Sharon moved her diary events around to come over and give her quote on Growing Talent.  However, the quick shot I sold to her quickly turned into something more…….


Sharon light check


Staging in action


Rosie's art


Sharon at reception

Harrow Green has been involved in Growing Talent from the beginning.  They have already recruited James, Samick, Matt, Maxine, Joshua, Michael, Selwyn & Daoud through Growing Talent and now have Bradley, Gavin, Jason, Shanika and José on the current programme.  So many great stories.


As usual, Chris didn’t get off lightly!  Agreeing to writing a feature of his personal journey, which of course meant – photos!!!!  Luckily, he’s off to Amsterdam soon for a little relaxation…….


Camera check


Chris discussing picture composition with Alex & Rosie 


 Like a condemned man!


 A little peckish maybe?


Keep an eye out for the Evening Standard on 10 June.  They story of success continues………………  A huge thanks to Rosie, Alex, Sharon, Chris & Csilla!