Securing her first full-time role………. Maxine joins Harrow Green 1 April 2015!


I could almost hear the shout of ‘Yay, I’ve got my first job early’ emanating out of Max’s text!  All Growing Talent Associates will know what I mean. Enthusiastic isn’t a big enough word to describe Max.


From the start of Growing Talent this graduate with a passion for politics and people has been enthused with everything contributing thoughts, ideas and organising anyone and anything!  There was a little glimmer of a lack of self-belief in Max in the early days despite her experience at University and in local youth politics.  This has now gone and been replaced with an oozing  confidence to try anything!


She has proved to herself and those around her the value she adds to any role/team and exposed the, as yet untapped, growth she will deliver in the future.


With a really bright future ahead, we say ‘Yay Max, well done’!