Jobs, Jobs, Jobs = Opportunities, Opportunities, Opportunities!


Cannot believe the 5th Growing Talent starts in April!


A variety of jobs and locations have already been pledged:


Junior Recruitment Consultants,  Warehouse Operatives,  Sale Executive, HGV Drivers, HR Admin Assistant, Data Specialists, Records Management. Locations from East London, South East to Enfield, Hemel Hempstead and Basildon!


Getting a job can seem harder than a desert trek!  But it doesn’t have to be.  You don’t have to ‘travel’ alone!


Whilst diverse in core duties, all roles/employers on Growing Talent have the same thing in common – growth!  The strong potential to grow the role into something with more responsibility.  The prospects of career development.  The ability to earn more money quickly.  Promotion.  One thing stops this.  You!  If you doubt your ability, fill your head with negative instead of positive thoughts you won’t have the drive to complete Growing Talent, let alone grow the end job into a great career.


You could argue, with the right mindset you can grow in any job without Growing Talent.  So what difference does Growing Talent make?  Well, it builds that confidence to give you the mindset.  Growing Talent is a journey on which you are mentored and supported – it doesn’t end.  As long as you need guidance you will get our support.


A stringent selection process can often crack what little confidence exists.  The Orientation Week smooths this out by building confidence, nurturing peer relationships and support by working on the issues that matter to you personally such as support gaps, assertiveness analysis through to workplace protocol.  By the end of the week, you confidently devise and deliver a Social Enterprise idea to a panel of senior managers.


From the start of your Growing Talent journey, you are referred to as ‘Growing Talent Associates’ or GTAs rather than unemployed.


Next stage on the journey is the placement into the role available.  Instead of trying to ‘sell’ yourself in a short interview, you have the time to learn all aspects of the role, team and business.  Equally, they have the time to see the real you.  Your personality and future potential.


The third stop on the Growing Talent journey is the Holistic Vibe.  Pulled from site to work with fellow Growing Talent Associates on more personal development – personal finance, fitness, nutrition etc.


By the end of Growing Talent you are not only able to ‘hit the ground running’ in your new role but confidently make a difference and add real value to the team and business.


‘Growing Talent has given me the confidence to get into a permanent full-time job with a fantastic company and great team of people’


Why not apply through the applicants form on the website or tell a friend about it?