Smiles all round!


Great flying visit this morning to Harrow Green to drop off the five training packs for Shanika, Jose, Bradley, Gavin & Jason with Trev aka ‘The Legend’!


Behind Trev was the beaming smile of James from the 2nd Growing Talent currently doing security work in the office.  It’s over a year since James completed Growing Talent himself and joined Harrow Green as a permanent member of staff.  He has been prolific in supporting the programme since.  Not just the fabulously talented men and women following him but also speaking to JobCentre Plus managers and employers to enable them to understand the value of Growing Talent.


James is looking forward to meeting the rest of the guys on the current Growing Talent on 24 June.  He & Josh (4th programme) will be joined by Madi (3rd), Kavita(3rd), Comfort (pilot) & Caroline (2nd) in a roundtable chat on their journies and what has happened since.


Trev let me in the warehouse where Jason and Gavin were hard at work.  The beaming smiles continued – the guys are so much more relaxed than they were in the beginning – great to see.


I asked about the idea with the tablets in the warehouse.  They explained with so much software loaded onto tablets, it’s easy for the system to be slowed down by viruses, loading multiple apps etc.  So they are trialling just using the software critical to Harrow Green.


Watch this space!