So, what did the guys think of the Orientation Week?


All believed their confidence had increased.

All felt the Orientation Week was essential for building confidence before going onto the employer’s site.

All are glad they applied – phew!

“I think this project is brilliant and helps young to older people with a carer in life – amazing’.

“It gave me the opportunity to get back into the flow of a structured day and iron out some of my flaws!”

“I learnt that stepping out of my comfort zone and self-belief, I can achieve. I feel more confident”.

“I’ve learnt I do have some great ideas and by not putting barriers in front of myself, I can achieve great things”.

“I’m very glad I applied for Growing Talent, the experience is wonderful”

“There is noting I would change about Growing Talent. It is a wonderful programme to be an Associate of”.

“Jane has brought the best out of me”

“The whole process has been incredible. I loved who quick it was and how supportive Jane is – although she is a little scary at first!”

“I’m 100% glad I applied for Growing Talent – it’s been incredible so far”

“I loved meeting new people and going through a great journey”

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