The Finale to Latimer Vibe!


We kicked off the final day of training with Lesley’s Refresh, Renewal and Rejuvenate workshop.  A broad spectrum of knowledge including food groups, the hidden contents of what we eat, how our bodies work, top tips for saving money and eating well.


In addition, Lesley did an impromptu session on sleep patterns, quality over quantity and some helpful tips everyone can use to secure better quality sleep.




After Lesley, Jon joined us for an interactive debate on personal finance.  Discussion flowed on banks, debit/credit cards, mortgages, interest rates, Courtney’s dream car – limited edition white BMW – not to mention Christian Louboutain shoes – which Jon was quite knowledgeable about!



New personal finance gurus below!



Jon then left to return to the office.  Before going back to H&S audits, Lesley joined us for lunch.  Growing Talent Associates never let an opportunity pass by.   First off Josh moved in to ask Lesley about the value of a sports science degree in the world of employment – where does it fit?  Lots of valuable signposting for Josh to plan his onward career journey.  Then Michael asked about swimming technique – especially the backstroke.  As a competitive swimmer, Lesley was helpful here too.  Everyone took lots of notes including an app to try out ‘MyFitnessApp’ for phones to aid healthy eating and fitness.


A final few hours in the sauna, swimming pool and gym for that last bit of pampering before the return journey to London tomorrow………………..