You could almost hear a pin drop…..


Working hard!

Day 2 of Latimer Vibe has been as full on as Day 1!

Above you can see Kit, Michael, Joshua, Daoud, Selwyn, Mitchell, Courtney, Sinead, Jane, Jess and Max reading about anxiety conditions before trying to put their symptom cards under just one disorder – impossible!



Daoud, Courtney & Mitchell’s artwork showcasing what anxiety can look like when considering ‘Behaviours’







Sinead, Max, Jane and Jess working on what anxiety can look like  when considering ‘Thoughts/Emotions’


Sinead, Jane, Courtney, Jess


Michael, Josh, Kit & Selwyn worked on what anxiety might look like from a physical viewpoint




An intense day spent doing part two of the Mental Health First Aider course.  This section covered anxiety, psychosis – schizophrenia and bipolar, self-harm and eating disorders – difficult subjects to deal with.  Case study films and the final training film brought home just how effective the five steps of MHFA can be – when used correctly!


After lunch we focussed on the Latimer Vibe manual working through various topics before ending with a quiz on the contents.  A sought after prize in the mystery white box went to the highest scorer – which turned out to be Michael.  Unfortunately the contents was just popcorn!  ‘It’s not the prize, it’s winning that counts’ said Michael!


At 3pm we finished for a well earned few hours in the sauna, swimming pool and gym before dinner……..