The Rockstars!……….


A shoutout to the legends Lasse & Simon of Pilgrims Risk Management Group!

Highly supportive employers of @Growing_Talent in London, today, they immediately agreed to participate in our planned February programme.

Unemployed people can often have a stereotypical view of the work corporate security entails and decide it is not for them without understanding the reality of the opportunities available.

It’s a myth that Corporate security is about brawn!

The reality is so much more. than many think.

A spotlight on customer service, empathy, communication, awareness of the behaviour of others, working with the team to resolve any issue to deliver a seamless service to the client, staff and visitors.

It’s an industry which Lasse describes as open to anyone who enjoys customer service and has a willingness to learn.

Whilst he and Simon offer jobs, the diverse career opportunities within the world of security are there for the taking!

Anyone can build a career in Corporate Security if they want to.

You don’t need experience in Security more an interest in people and learning.

Watch this space to see how Growing Talent in Birmingham progresses!