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Growing Talent unique process from registration to meeting the employers is different from traditional recruitment journeys. But the rollercoaster of emotions felt when applicants aren’t selected can be the same. Questions which have no answers – ‘why wasn’t I selected?’ ‘what did I do wrong?’ – human minds always amplify the negative of every situation!

The key difference, from my perspective as the author of Growing Talent, is the empowering experience of meeting and connecting with other applicants, learning to confidently ‘network’, relaxing and laughing together before the employers arrive. I saw really shy people start to grow their confidence ready to meet the employers. Some almost standing taller!

This gave a smoother foundation to meet the employers. For a couple of hours, the chatter grew louder, the smiles stronger – employers and applicants!

I know this experience enables those who aren’t selected to look back and know they ‘nailed it’. Their self-doubt didn’t take over. They are stronger and more confident going forward to future recruitment opportunities.

Paul wasn’t selected in Growing Talent recent employer speed dating event. See his thoughts in the image.

Thank you to our amazingly talented applicants, our insightful employers who gave their time, the JobCentre Plus teams who ‘cheerlead’ Growing Talent, Southwark Care Leavers encouraging and supporting their vulnerable people, our sponsors – without whom Growing Talent would be impossible – and the team behind the scenes – especially the amazing Adrienne Simpson who never ceases to work her magic for Growing Talent

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