Unravelling Minds – With Art!


Emma returned to deliver her excellent wellbeing workshop especially useful for Growing Talent Associates to utilise their break/lunch hours.

Emma begins by sharing her journey from pressurised job in fashion to mental health breakdown, journey to recovery, setting up her pop-up cafes as well as Unravelling Minds utilising art to support wellbeing. If that wasn’t;t enough, she’s also training to be a counsellor.

Emma shows her drawings along with those of people she knows. Explaining any medium can be used – newspapers on the train, scraps of paper, pads for £1 out of pound shops, crayons, charcoal, pencils – the options are endless.

The ‘Art Affect’ – you can hear a pin drop!

Emma set three challenges – Fill a Heart – recognising what we value in our lives, doddles – start of with your usual shape and see what happens and finally graffiti – find something in the newspaper which jumps out of you and make it your own.

Some examples of the guys works are below.

Despite the hesitancy with some people saying ‘I can’t draw’ all took up the challenge. The affect was amazing. You could hear a pin drop as the relaxation affect took hold. Distracting the brain from everyday pressures is so energising.

Will they continue with this new found release? Maybe we should all take up drawing. #empowering