Waste Management & Personal De-Clutter! – Yikes!!


I say “Yikes” because I had to get my Neocortex working!  Dan, the expert at PwC on Waste Management had originally agreed to deliver the waste management part of this workshop.  After I’d circulated the Agenda, something came up and he couldn’t do it………………..


However, as I always tell the Growing Talent Associates – there is always a solution to every problem.  Key is staying calm and getting our brains in gear!  ‘I’ll deliver it myself’ was my solution.


Luckily Sita has an excellent website with a lot of information.  I learnt a lot myself about what they do!  I designed a poweroint presentation on where Sita began, what happens to usual recycling waste, road waste, how new products are made, landfill and the issue even when sites are filled and closed on to the wider Sita organisation and their involvement in Air travel.  Fascinating stuff!  I devised a quiz to follow this – which showed the guys had been paying attention!


Did their comments reflect this?


“Good to understand how the recycling and waste management companies work and how important it is to research the companies we work for”

“I found this subject really interesting”

“Good tips to think about”

“Interesting to see how detailed companies are compared to 1st thoughts”

“Intriguing – I never gave much thought to the waste industry.  This was eye-opening”

“A lot of things I didn’t know you could recycle”

“Really interesting”

Just shows what you can do by engaging your neocortex!