What a revelation!….


What a revelation!…..

Growing Talent’s power, effectiveness and uniquely different way to recruit is hard to describe to employers.  

The only way to really understand it, is to jump in and take part – then it becomes a ‘revelation’!

I enjoyed it and found it very beneficial – a great alternative concept to recruiting”. Mark, a first time employer at our event, shortlisted four people for the next stage – 1-2-1s.

So, what’s different about Growing Talent? We think quite a bit:

  1. CVs, job descriptions and formal recruitment interviews are banned
  2. Employers select those they believe can grow into their roles over the course of Growing Talent.
  3. Both employer and individuals have a dedicated mentor for the journey
  4. An intense, week long empowerment programme takes place encompassing communication skills, emotional intelligence, behavioural impact, conflict management, basic nutrition, finance knowhow, relationship techniques and qualification in Managing and Promoting Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing – in lines with psychological safety in the work place.
  5. An audit trail to evaluate progression
  6. Minimum of four weeks mutual test drive in the vacant role to be really confident the fit is solid.

This process delivers a robust pre-onboarding and connection foundation for the employer and their new talent.

With a track record of success over the last nine years, the diversity, inclusion and belonging ensures lifelong skills are absorbed to keep progressing through life/career.

Open to anyone over 18, Growing Talent enables employers to attract people they wouldn’t usually if using a traditional recruitment method.  

For the unemployed talent, Growing Talent is a ladder up out of the negative, invisible hole many feel they are in. Nurtured to believe in themselves again, they flourish, positively impacting all around them at home and work.  They literally never stop Growing!

Growing Talent is a revelation for all…..

“The event was great and I really enjoyed the experience.  What you are doing is super amazing, and I am grateful to have been introduced to Growing Talent”. Beatrice, applicant

“I am pleased to state that the growing talent process yesterday was innovative, insightfull and also very refreshing.” Rita, applicant

 “Thank you for today, it was worth it, even with my body screaming to get out of there…” Daniel, applicant

Applicant or employer, why not take part in a future Growing Talent?  Check out the Schedule tab on www.growing-talent.co.uk

A massive thank you to all employers who took part yesterday, especially those who found the courage to take part for the first time putting any assumptions to one side –  Sharon and Jackie @RestoreHarrowGreen, Lasse @PilgrimsGroup, Graham @Honeywell, Maria @OfficeConcierge, Melinda, Zeba & Ruta @ISSFacilitiesServices, Tom & Soraya @SPSGlobal, Stace, Antonio, Mark & Louise @SPSGlobal, Rebecca, Hardeep & Liz @BreyerGroup, Steven and Aiste @Portico – you all rock!

All applicants who found the strength to overcome their self-doubts to attend yesterday.

Lastly to the amazing Pedro @Pertemps and Anna @JCPinSthLdn year in year out – your support and cheerleading shines bright, thank you.