What great success …..


The above screenshot is lifted from Linkedin – below is the story behind it…….

Fantastic to see Kearon and Will’s achievements – thanks for sharing Trevor Hart

Kearon joined the company via Growing Talent in 2015 and Will in 2016. Both joined as members of the warehouse team.

I’ve always encouraged everyone on Growing Talent to see the careers that can be grown from the jobs they secure on Growing Talent It’s not where you start that counts, but where you finish.

The collaboration Growing Talent has with employers,JobCentre Plus the talented unemployed participants delivers life changing results for all.

Growing Talent is running in Birmingham at the end of February and again in London towards the end of May. This B2B programme is completely free to take part. Why not recruit a different way and gain some awesome, long-term talent like Kearon and Will in your business?

Thanks to our awesome sponsors Allen Salmon and nurturing employers like Trevor Hart and Sharon Sales along with insightful employers willing to recruit a different way we can actively make a real difference together, add solid value to businesses and communities.

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A big thanks also to @DavidSteeds Rob Matthews (Anna) and their team at #London JobCentrePlus for helping to make it possible for 10+ years