When the noise of the day gets too much….


Listening to the radio first thing this morning – which normally passes me by in a background blur – my ears pricked up when Phil Dave, known as The Chic Geek by Paul Ross, came on to talk about all things tech. It’s the main place I learn about the advancements in AI and technology in general. Phil explains things clearly for anyone to understand.

Amongst the other gems he was talking about today, Phil shared the camera technology of a company called SEN is being used at the International Space Station. Already on their website you can view videos of different parts of Earth from space! How awesome! They even have live streaming with a countdown to the next planned stream to block out in your diary.

Having checked out a couple of their videos this morning, I quickly became distracted from the noise of my day ahead and became immersed in curious questions about the wonder I was seeing.

This is a great, free resource for everyone about space and earth not available to generations before us.

Next time the noise of your day is getting too much – why not check http://www.sen.com out and loose yourself in wonder for a while?