A cryptic message………… Unity & Co!


I was delighted to get a call from the Courier Desk here at Hays Lane this morning.  1st challenge was finding it!


A wonderful surprise was waiting…….



But who were Unity & Co – signature on the card? So began a cryptic journey of discovery.  The local Interflora only had the card, not the order.  To find out who sent it I would need to contact their head office.  Tom understood I wanted to thank the senders but he had to observe Data Protection.  A short period on hold whilst he made the call revealed Unity & Co are the brilliant Zara and Nabiha from Growing Talent 13!  Zara is with MitieTDM as part of the Service Solutions team in More London and Nabiha is in the same building with Portico as part of the Welcome Team.


Both had tough journeys to their roles but never gave up.  Their tenacity and true grit won through and I am humbled to work with such great talent.


Thank you Unity & Co!