Art for Art Sake?


We do an art class on Growing Talent for therapeutic reasons.  Lunchtime can be boring when you have eaten lunch and have no money to do anything else.  But, take a pencil and sketchpad.  Drawing what you see takes you away from the stresses and strains of life.


‘Art washes away from the soul the dirt of life’ Pablo Picasso


Thursday afternoon the Associates were sent across to the Tate Gallery on Bankside.  Their mission was to find a piece of art that spoke to them’ either because they really liked it or the reverse.  They had to think of a question they would ask the artist if they had a chance and report back the following day.


A varied selection of choices with deeper meanings for some of the Associates.  All agreed it was a good session.  Different from what they would usually do but most would definitely try sketching during lunchtimes etc – job done!  Hearts & minds changed!


Of course the didn’t realise they had to replicate their selection the following day – lots of laughter flowed.


We then looked at sketching each others faces whilst being able to look at the pad and then without.  The results of the latter were very picassoesk!


Ilamathy  – Resourcer at Red Personnel and Sebastien  – working with Invest In Buy to Let – both perfectionists…….


John based at Iron Mountain as a Data Archiving specialist & Leon – Recruitment Consultant with Pertemps focussing on their productions……



Zainab – working with Harrow Green & Ashley part of the operations team at Harrow Green’s Croydon base deep in concentration……..



Mokhtar – operations with Harrow Green & Stefan – Service Solutions, Mail & Distribution with Mitie Connect……..


& the finished result? well the guys were still smiling…….



‘The Art workshop was my favourite segment.  It allowed me to express myself on paper’

‘I found I could do art if I put my mind to it.  It’s relaxing too!’

‘It reminded me of my younger self……’

‘It was extremely fun and relaxing’

‘It broaden my horizons and perceptions of art’

‘We had a lot of laughs doing this’