Day 1 of Latimer Vibe – Exhausted!


Cheyne training room at Latimer is stunning.  A beautiful wood carved fireplace, two large chandeliers, and a double aspect of stunning views looking out onto the rolling grounds and river.  Restful, with the sun streaming through – a perfect setting for learning!


First to arrive bang on 8.50am was Sinead, Courtney and Mitchell seen above.


The larger part of our day was spent doing sections 1 and 2 of the Mental Health First Aider course.  Case studies, videos, ideas and team work on what mental health means, how it affects individuals, those around them, communities, employers and UK plc!


Selwyn Joshua and Mitchell


Selwyn, Joshua and Mitchell working on a really difficult case study exploring what they would do using the new knowledge they had.


Courtney, Sinead, Jane and Max

Courtney, Sinead, Jane and Max working on a task, exchanging ideas.


Michael Daoud Jess and Kit

The balloon in front of Daoud is from a task on managing emotions and the importance of dealing with them rather than supressing them.  With Daoud are Michael, Jess and Kit debating a different case study on the elderly and mental health issues.


What is Kit doing

There is a prize for guessing what Kit is doing – relaxation technique?, chair exercises?  we look forward to hearing your thoughts!


We finished this introduction to mental health first aid, depression and suicide before breaking for lunch – a lush three courses!


Maybe we should have had the Health Nutrition Bites workshop before diving into those lovely desserts!


Read the next blog to find out what nutrition gurus we have become!