It’s All Go @HarrowGreen – business moves specialists!


Staunch supporters of Growing Talent, Harrow Green have offered Growing Talent opportunities to many Associates – employing 27 who completed.  You can see some of the fab guys in the feature photo above.


l-r in the photo are Sam – GT2, Jose & Shanika GT5, Emma GT9, Ernst & Kearon GT7, Mokhtar & Ashley on the current programme.  Seated are Zainab current Growing Talent and Max from GT4.  Many others were out on site or busy so escaped the camera!  Shamefully, I didn’t recognise Ernst who now wears glasses – looks very managerial though!  Great to see how his confidence has continued to grow.


The brilliant thing about the journey on Growing Talent is the camaraderie is long lasting.  All Graduates of Growing Talent are uniquely placed to support those following them.  As you can see, Zainab, Mokhtar & Ashley have a lot of support!!!


First stop on my visit was the kitchen – of course!  There I found Kearon – who was trying to make a coffee for about 20 minutes.  No, the kettle wasn’t on the blink.  I’m a demon with the camera and kept interrupting him!  I couldn’t let the opportunity pass without getting a photo of Kearon with Zainab & Ashley.


Kearon is now working most of the time with Emma and Ernst in security compliance but still goes out on the road now and then!


Zainab, Ashley and I had a quick chat whilst we waited for Mokhtar.  They’re enjoying their respective roles.  Ashley already has his eye on the IT recycling Harrow Green do already!


Of course when Shanika and Max walked in to get a coffee it was an ideal photo opp and impromptu catch-up!


Shanika is still learning and loving her role.  She is looking to book a holiday later this year.  Max is still engaged and as bubbly as ever!



Bumped into Emma in the corridor…..



Emma is looking forward to her short break next week when she plans a little R&R as well as planning the structure of her security team.



Zainab & Emma above so alike! – both loud, positive, hardworking, quick learners with a great sense of humour and empathy for others.  Of course, they both expect too much of themselves as well….



Mokhtar and Ashley are still smiling!  Both are currently based at Harrow Green’s Croydon depot. ‘It’s good there.  said Ashley ‘but the team aren’t as big and loud as here at Silvertown’ – not sure that’s a good or bad thing!!!  Mokhtar loves working.  ‘I’m so happy’.   For Mokhtar the worst thing about working at Croydon is the journey there on his moped in the wind and rain!  I’d agree with him on that.


A big thank you to Nigel – MD and Sharon – Master of Everything at Harrow Green for their outstanding support of past, present and future Growing Talent Associates not to mention the continued encouragement they give to their staff recruited through the programme.



No, this isn’t the new Harrow Green uniform! but one of the many award events they go to.


Thanks to everyone involved in making Growing Talent the successful programme it is – not least the fabulous Growing Talent Associates/Graduates themselves.