The Girl Gets What She Wants………


Nirosana joined Growing Talent 2 back in the summer of 2014.  Having relocated to the UK following civil unrest at home, Niro managed to get a degree despite the pressures the family were under at the time.


Ideally she wanted to be an accountant or secure a role in finance close to her home.  Unfortunately, without any experience she wasn’t getting anywhere with her job searching until she was told about Growing Talent.


After getting through the tough selection process, Niro was selected by Iron Mountain to join them in their records department.  She never lost sight of her goal.  Niro pushed herself forward for diverse roles in Iron Mountain.  At the same time she supported and encouraged those following her on the programme.


Last year she secured a new role within Iron Mountain.  This coupled with the confidence she had gained saw her recently secure her goal with a lay firm close to her home in Croydon.


This is the essence of what Growing Talent does.  It’s a starting block to forge a career path.



Niro above front row centre with her peers on Growing Talent 2’s Orientation Week…..



Well done Niro – we all wish you the very best…….