‘I’ve got 2 people starting work tomorrow’ – go Courtney!


That’s what Courtney replied when I asked her what she ‘s done today.  How fantastic is that?  To be on an employment programme and have the ability to get others into work!


As you can see from Courtney’s desk below – she’s very organised with cvs, jobs sheets etc.

Courtney Solo 2

She explained Amy has been one of her main mentors – congrats on getting engaged on Monday as well Amy!  Amy and the team have shown  Courtney  sales technique, cold calling, client management and the professional outlook demanded in the world of recruitment.  In addition, Patti – Pertemps’ Manager at Basildon – has been mentoring Courtney in client relationship management through visits off site.  You can see Patti in the main picture giving Courtney some more tips!


With Patti and the team’s help, Courtney is getting a solid foundation in the world of sales and recruitment to build on.


Despite interrupting Patti’s late breakfast, she shared with me how well Courtney is doing.  Embracing every opportunity she’s learning quickly and really supporting the team.  She works late if needed and never clock watches.  If Courtney keeps going with the same dedication and team spirit she’s shown so far, she’ll be an asset to Pertemps and the world of recruitment.


Recruitment is a tough, sales environment which doesn’t suit everyone.  With her open mind and willingness to learn, Courtney’s embracing the opportunity and delivering real value


More training lies ahead, but in the meantime it’s Latimer Vibe next week.  Time to relax and reflect on Growing Talent so far………


How many more people will Courtney get into work before the end of Growing Talent?  Watch this space to find out!