Lateness – what does it say about you?


We are all guilty of making appointments and then changing our minds. This isn’t an issue if we let all parties know!

There are always consequences to not attending appointments. The medical professional losses £ billions every year in missed appointments that other patients could have had. We have the luxury in the UK of still getting seen at a later date without any consequences.

But what does the same behaviour of not attending arranged and confirmed appointments have in the business world? If we confirm those appointments we cannot use the excuse ‘I didn’t receive the email’.

In my world I remember those who confirm and don’t attend because of the impact of all parties at the venue – security, welcome team, hospitality – not to mention declining other applicants because my schedule is full. It shows a complete lack of respect and integrity.

We need to consider the consequences of our actions – especially in the business world. How would we like it if the roles were reversed? We’d hate to have our time wasted waiting for people who confirmed attendance and then didn’t show.

Does it really take that long to send a text/whatsapp.

Think on – be remembered for the right reasons!