Number 10 Calling


Last night I was a guest of Telereal Trillum at Tomorrow’s People event hosted by Samantha Cameron at 10 Downing Street.


The event was to launch Tomorrow People audit of their finances.  Charities securing funding have to be transparent on how they spend funding and the return of such investment.


The audit was carried out pro bono by a senior economist at the Bank of England who was a great speaker, captivated the room and delivered some core facts.  Unusual for economists!  The most impressive is for every £1 invested in a programme like Tomorrow’s People over £4.15 is returned.  Tomorrow’s People run a variety of programmes from mentoring, coaching and upskilling disadvantaged people to enable them to be ready for work.


It made me wonder what the return was for every £1 invested in Growing Talent.  After all, every person who completes goes into permanent work.  So apart from getting off benefits, there’s the spending power they have locally as well as the added value they deliver to the businesses they join, and being positive role models to family and friends.


Everyone I spoke to about Growing Talent was very enthused – even Tomorrow’s People wanted to work with us!


So what of Number 10 itself?  The terraced house belies the massive tardis it really is.  Filled with history, ornate decoration, portraits of previous prime ministers, chanderliers – I certainly wouldn’t want to dust it!  Unfortunately all mobiles were confiscated so I can’t share with you.


A wonderful experience and a great event to see the work being done in moving people closer to employment.