Paula’s New World in the hotel business


Paula has come a long way since arriving in the UK a few short years ago speaking no English.  A background in finance, Paula was open to all opportunities on Growing Talent 10.  Her professionalism and potential was spotted by Emma & Dan from ME Hotels who selected her for a role on Growing Talent with the end job as PA to Mr Marly, General Manager of their Strand venue.  Brave decision considering Mr Marly was going on holiday for two weeks!


Mr Marly and Paula

During the Orientation Week, a short meeting with Mr Marly was arranged so each knew what the other looked like!


The photos on this blog were taken during my catch-up visit yesterday.  You can see how relaxed Paula looks – it’s as if she’s always worked there!  Paula received a good handover during her first two weeks from her predecessor and the ME team.  Now she is learning the hotel business and how Mr Marly works.  So far, so good.  Both are very happy.


Check back for more news on Paula’s progression over the coming weeks.