Reece’s World


On a cold, rainy Thursday afternoon, I entered the fun, buzzy world of Reece – now working with the team at MHFA (Mental Health First Aid England) in their Old Street offices.


An open plan office with a buzz of activity covering all aspects of MHFA’s work, I spotted Reece working away ensuring the certificates from courses were logged in the database correctly before being despatched.


First, a conversation with Gillian, Reece’s line manager and one of MHFA’s Business Development Managers on how he is performing and what he has done so far.  Clearly, he’s mastered the coffee and tea operations – essential in any office!  In addition, he has learnt the processes of franking, database entering over 800 certificate details!


A chat with Reece revealed he’s ‘loving it’!  It’s completely different to the retail work Reece has done previously so has taken a bit of getting used to but the team have been really supportive and he’s learning a lot.



Watch this space – more progression from Reece to come……………….