Silin’s world at Create A Business……….


Due to health issues and a family crisis, Silin has not been on site as much as she would have liked.  Despite this, Shane, MD of Create a Business in Docklands where Silin is based, is pretty impressed.


The company offers a variety of services to set-up and maintain businesses.  From setting-up the company, to composing their website and so on.  This leaves the owners free to focus on their core business rather than the processes involved.


Silin has found this a whole learning curve.  Everyday is different and she’s learning a lot.


Putting herself in Shane’s position, Silin completely undersands his position.  She will not attend the Holistic Week remaining on site instead.


This shows commitment and integrity along with Silin’s strong desire to secure that role.


Does she make it?…………………… check back to find out!