Spotlight on Ilamathy!


Selected by Red Personnel to undertake Growing Talent with them as Resource Assistant, how has Ilamathy got on?


Located close to Baker Street, Red Personnel is a small, niche recruitment outfit headed by James.  Working with diverse clients calls for flexibility, adapatability, thinking on the go to identify potential new talent fit for Red Personnel’s clients’ roles.  With these qualities in Ilamathy’s possession – how has she fared?………………..


Armed with directions from Google Maps and I set off on a very windy Wednesday to find out!


Red Personnel is located in quirky offices close to Baker Street.  There are no blazing neon signs, loud, brash chains.  You almost feel you aren’t in London – at least the stereotypical London we all know and love!  Instead there is almost a serene air of business going on amongst the thriving niche companies’ facades.  This external vibe is mirrored in Red’s offices.  A hub of quiet professional activity……….


First I had a chat with James – Manager of Red Personnel in front of Ilamathy.  James confirmed all is well.  Ilamathy has  been learning the intricacies of resourcing.  This has involved calling clients, checking details, sourcing relevant cvs, takng over their twitter account and supporting the team in their roles.  James is impressed with Ilamathy’s quick immersion within the business, the team and the world of recruitment!

After a couple of photos – James left Ilamathy and I to it……….



Ilamathy explained a little more of what she’s covered.  It’s ironic but typical of Ilamathy’s ability to ‘dive in’, she told me how one of Red’s candidates was really nervous before their interview.  Ilamathy chatted to them, went through some things and reassured them.  After their interview, they told her how smooth their interview had gone and thanked her.


What a great buzz!   Here she is on the Growing Talent journey for just a few short weeks and already nuturing others!  She was also proud her sourced cvs were respected by the Recruitment Consultants – indeed some got interviews!

‘The team have been really helpful and supportive.  I’m so happy here..’ Ilamathy below with James and the team at Red Personnel



Despite the dreaded rush hour and working full days, the confidence flowing from Ilamathy is great to see.  She’s positively glowing.   Whilst being mindful of Red’s processes, Ilamathy is still able to bring her own spirit into play.  As the song says she does it ‘her way’.


Ilamathy has seen a positive change in herself.  As has her family.


Clearly a bright future in recruitment lays ahead.