Thoughts on the Growing Talent 22 Orientation Week…


The Orientation Week for each Growing Talent falls between selection by an employer and starting training in their vacant role. The aim of this week is to build self-esteem and confidence for a return to the workplace.

Starting off gently with a presentation in pictures on our lives, we graduate through all areas of communication in the workplace, as well as looking after ourselves and learning the tricky art of networking not to mention the minefield of handshakes!

Crucially, Growing Talent is a partnership and therefore participants – known as Growing Talent Associates – evaluate every stage and every person delivering their training/support.

So – what did the guys think? Below are some of the evaluation questions and their answers:

What have you learnt about yourself over this week?

‘I have confidence – I just need to show it more in my body language etc’

‘I learnt not to overthink’

‘You have to believe in yourself, you are a talented human being’

‘I am talented and I can do more than I think’

‘Smile more, don’t overthink and let my guard downmore’

‘I am a strong public speak but need to work on my body language. I also learnt positivity and lifestyle is important to how you perform in the workplace’

‘I’ve learnt the importance of believing in yourself. This week was about growing confidence which I will implement using positive affirmations’

‘I’ve learnt how to improve my communication style’

‘I’ve found the ability to go out of my comfort zone’

What has been the best part of the Orientation Week for you?

‘The workshops especially the art therapy class and body language.’

‘Meeting other people who have been through similar situations and to witness them becoming more confident’

‘Learning how to devise and present my social enterprise presentation. This has improved me as an individual’

‘The presentation’

‘Learning key relaxation techniques to help with presentations, public speaking etc’

‘Getting through the week and meeting all challenges!’

‘Body language was my favourite’

‘Being able to come up with ideas for the Social Enterprise Challenge’

What did you think of the venue & food this week?

‘Love the place, it made me feel important and comfortable’


‘The location was great and the food was ok’

‘Good location & food’

‘Good location with lots of transport links’

‘The venue was pleasant and accommodating and the food was very nice’

‘The location was easy for me to access via public transport. The food was tasty and a lot healthier than I usually have!’

What are your thoughts on the trainer – Jane James?

‘Love Jane and could not have asked for a better trainer. She forces the best out of you and never fails to teach you something new. Definitely my future role model!’

‘She’s been the most encouraging trainer’

‘Jane is amazing, very helpful every step of the way and make you feel like you’re talented’

‘Jane was very candid, open and gave great advice on how to be the best version of ourselves’

‘Jane has been very supportive, passionate and very helpful in terms of support and ensuring my targets and aims are made possible. I believe in terms of helping with my placement and gaining skills, Jane has been very supportive and motivational on preparing me for next week”

‘Jane has been a rock. She is very understanding and accommodating from day 1’.

‘Jane has been encouraging and helpful throughout.’

‘Jane was very kind and helpful. She knew what she was talking about and was able to use her experience in a very helpful way.’

‘Are you glad you applied for Growing Talent?

‘Yes. I wanted a new challenge and never would have expected a month ago to be in the situation I am now.’

‘More than happy I applied for Growing Talent. It was way better than I thought it would be’

‘Yes I am, otherwise how many more months/years jobless could I have been?’

‘100% glad I applied’


‘Yes I am happy that I applied for Growing Talent. I have learnt more durable skillsets, met similar people that may have been through the same anxiety as me which comes with being out of work. I feel refreshed and ready to begin my career path thanks to Growing Talent’

‘Yes I am glad I applied – it’s a nice way to get back into work’

‘Yes I am very glad as it has lifted some of my negative expectations and made me a lot more positive about the future’

Any final thoughts on Growing Talent so far?

‘This is the most useful training I’ve done in years Looking forward to what comes next’

‘Keep doing what you are doing!’

‘Growing Talent is an amazing process that gives a lot of keen and driven individuals the chance to work, learn and make a positive different to their lives. For myself it was positive to gain more tips to improving my confidence and stop second guessing myself as I can already picture myself using methods in practice.’

‘It would be good to have previous Growing Talent participants return to talk about their experience’. Growing Talent’s reply: This is a great idea and one we put in practice when the now employees are able to be freed-up to attend!

‘Testing people at the end of each day on what they have learnt or list two things they enjoyed out of that day as I noticed some people had trouble completing the end of week evaluation form’ Growing Talent’s reply: A good idea!

Overall, positive views for Growing Talent – why not get involved if you are looking for new talent in your business or are unemployed and looking for an opportunity!