Whirlwind – Also Known As – Orientation Week!


Due to the August Bank Holiday we had four days to cover five days work!  But hey, Growing Talent Associates can cope with anything!  Especially after the ferocious selection process with the employers the previous Wednesday:

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The final selection stage above for Growing Talent 7


Within 10 minutes of arriving, the Associates were tackling public speaking!  Each had to draw a flipchart outline of their lives and present it to the room.  This is a great ice breaker as well as showing us, when we know our subject, public speaking is easy – almost enjoyable!


With 18 selected Associates, this workshop took us almost up to lunch!   The other things covered included, composing a postcard to ourselves – why are we doing this and one achieveable target with our first pay check.  This is so important in boosting resilience during the 12 weeks.


We discussed potential issues that could arise including negative impact from our circle of family/friends.  Next came some case studies which ignited some debate on what others would do in that situation.  Conflict, assertiveness, communication and body language almost completed the day.  The end task was homework!  To come-up with an idea for a Social Enterprise to present to a panel of judges comprising senior management from participating employers.  Each idea had to benefit a community as well as have a revenue stream and development potential – no mean task with just a few days notice!


What would your ideal employee look like?????

The guys split into teams to decide what attributes their employees would have.  Rehana, Priti, MichaelO, KearonC, Ernst & Leighon thoughts were:

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Melissa, Jacqueline, Jacq, Will, RoseMarie, & Mohammed’s view:

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Nick, KeironL, Jerome, Maria, Nick & Mike came up with:

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Wednesday we covered stress, managing nerves some breathing and affirmation techniques.  We also discussed the importance of social interaction.  Details of museums and art galleries with free entry were discussed.


Michael, Shanika & Chelsea returned from programmes 4, 5 and 6 respecitvely to hold a confidential round table discussion with the guys.

Chelsea & Shanika front row far right and Michael is 3rd from right in the back row.  Both Michael and Shanika are now working with Harrow Green where William, Kearon, Rizwan, Ernst & Leighon will be based.




Maria who is going to Wilson James where Chelsea is based!

Thursday was really interesting – Ben brought blindfolds!!!!!!!

The idea was to see if our perception of tone changes over the telephone – i.e. when we can’t see the person we are speaking to…….

Ben shared his wide knowledge from many years in the high-end hotel – including international – industry.  Lots of tips were shared including a case study on Wally – New York taxi driver.

After another sumptuous lunch, rehearsal of Social Enterprise ideas commenced.  So much work was clearly evident in all presentations – they deserve a separate blog!  so, more to follow!