You know the end is in sight……..


When it’s the Holistic Week!


Which it was w/c 13 November.  Back at Southwark Cathedral – the home of Growing Talent throughout 2017 – Amy, Kealy-May, Liam and Amy returned for some extra knowledge on looking after themselves.


Kicking off Monday and Tuesday with Mental Health First Aid, we also had two managers join us for the course – Sharon of Harrow Green and Soraya of MitieConnect.


On Wednesday Dan from Suez shared our responsibilities at home and work in relation to recycling along with the consequences of not recycling!  It was interesting to see the differences between boroughs and employers.



Following Dan on Wednesday was Allen from PwC sharing some of his experiences when first earning and some top tips to ensure financial health.



Wednesday afternoon Amy, Liam, Kealy-May and Quiana had to agree which art gallery they would visit as a group for their project.  The National won the day although the decision was split at the start.



Kate from the nutrition experts HBN shared an inspirational workshop on how to eat healthily on a budget.  Some key, lifelong information was shared which the Growing Talent Associates soaked up – starting with a nutritional pot noodle……




Last but not least, Chris from Portico, shared her passion for art along with some top tips to get started with sketching……



One key technique is to draw a subject whilst being able to look at the paper as often as you like compared to ‘blind’ drawing…… Laughter filled the room at this point and some actually liked their ‘picasso’ style ‘blind’ drawings ….


Looking results………

‘Blind’ results………


So now Amy, Kealy-May, Quiana & Liam are close to completion what were their top tips for completing Growing Talent & for others following them?


‘Remember where you were.  Growing Talent will give you the chance to progress in ways that others don’t get to.  Don’t waste it!’ Quiana


‘Growing Talent is an amazing platform to help you get into work.  I would encourage others to take this opportunity with both hands ….’ Amy


‘Don’t overthink the little things.  Be yourself and stay focussed on your end goal.  I wish I’d known at the start how much I would enjoy myself and expand my mind’ Kealy-May


‘Don’t let the 12 weeks put you off.  It’s great experience and will boost motivation.  Just be yourself and listen to everything.  Stick to it.  I wish I’d known it wasn’t going to be anywhere near as nerve-racking as I thought it would b be.’ Liam


Harrow Green, Mitie Connect & Pertemps are about to get some amazing talent in their business.  Watch this space to see how Quiana, Kealy-May, Liam & Amy get on…..